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At work, you're a go-getter. Fear is a four-letter word. Now you're staring at the boiler in the basement of your new home and you're shaking in your boots. Boilers can be somewhat intimidating, no question, but Alaska Heat & Technical Services has found that most people can master these simple maintenance hacks. Even you! If you can't, call us for a free estimate. 

Mark your calendar

The worst thing that can happen with a boiler is for it to run out of oil. When that happens, the lines will bleed through, then you'll really be in trouble. To be on the safe side, check your oil level every two weeks during times of heavy usage. If you run low, call your home heating oil provider right away. Like a conventional furnace, your boiler needs air to run properly. NEVER cover your boiler. Don't place items directly up against the air vents, either. Keep the area around your boiler as clear as possible.
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When the spring thaw hits, we Alaskans are practically out dancing in the streets! Why would you want to even think about your boiler? Because it's a bit like a car: letting it sit idle for months at a time will make it harder to start when you need it to. Run your boiler every couple of weeks during the warmer months of the year by setting your thermostat on the high side, and let it run for just a few minutes. This will also help blast out any dust and sludge that may have accumulated when it was not in use.
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