Emergency Fixes

Phone support in Anchorage and Surrounding Areas

Here in Alaska, towns are often separated by extremely long distances, and some may not even be accessible by road. Rather than charge you big bucks for a service call, Alaska Heat & Technical Services offers the option of phone support for minor problems and emergency fixes. Most of the time, we can talk you through it, but in the event we can't, we'll be there for you.

Trouble doesn't sleep, neither do we

It's 2:00 a.m. You hear a big "thunk!" coming from the direction of your boiler. You go to check it out, and sure enough, it's given up the ghost. Before you send your family scrambling to find extra blankets and sweaters, call Alaska Heat & Technical Services. Our team is committed to helping you solve your heating system problems, any time, day or night. Oftentimes, it's an easy fix we can talk you through over the phone. If it isn't, rest assured we will be there to help you in a timely manner!
Supports for installing heating system in Eagle River, AK

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Leading by example

In our 10+ years performing emergency fixes on a variety of heating systems, Alaska Heat & Technical Services has come across many problems that we've been able to solve over the phone. For example, one homeowner discovered that if his heater spontaneously shut off, he was able to restart it by just setting the thermostat a couple of degrees higher. The owner of an oil-fired furnace was surprised to find he was simply out of oil! 75% of the time, it is indeed that simple.
Phone support for installing heating system in Eagle River, AK
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