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Here you sit in your basement, staring at your non-functioning furnace. Your family is counting on you to get it working again, but you might as well be trying to decipher the quantum string theory. Alaska Heat & Technical Services can't turn back time, but we can share with you some tips and tricks for simple furnace maintenance, so this doesn't happen to you in the future!

The best two minutes you'll ever spend

Like human beings, furnaces take in air in order to function. Over time, accumulated dust, microbes and other particles gum up the works. That's where a clean filter comes in. Alaska Heat & Technical Services encourages you to replace your furnace's filter every three months. It literally only takes a minute and if you don't know how to do it, you'll find detailed instructions on your filter's packaging, or on the blower door of your furnace. If you still can't find them, call us!
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Sweeping up the stragglers

Furnace filters are designed to catch the majority of dirt and other particles that can potentially hamper your furnace's efficiency. Still, there's a small percentage of it that will invariably make its way into the blower assembly. The blower assembly is located behind the air filter panel. A screwdriver may be required to remove the panel door or fan unit. With a damp cloth, simply wipe down the pulleys, blower and belts. If your filter panel was held in place by screws, clean these as well.
Heating service available in Eagle River, AK
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