Radiant Heating

Radiant heating installation in Anchorage and Surrounding Areas

Would you ever walk across a bare floor, in the middle of the night, in the dead of winter? If your answer runs along the lines of "where do you think we are, Arizona?," Alaska Heat & Technical Services has two words for you: radiant heat. For a new construction project, or renovation of an existing building, Alaska Heat & Technical Services can install, maintain and service any system.

Not the heat you grew up with

Most of us are used to the types of heating systems that rely on warm air blown out of ducts or vents to heat a space. Radiant heat operates on an entirely different principle. With radiant heat, heat is conveyed through panels in the floor, or wall or baseboard heaters. The floor becomes a giant "warmer" that heats everyone and everything in the room. It's clean, efficient, and best of all, no clanky radiators or noisy air blowers that wake you up at night. Ask Alaska Heat & Technical Services about it!
Radiant heating system installed by experts in Eagle River, AK

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Get ready to floor it

Alaska Heat & Technical Services has already installed radiant heat systems in residential and commercial properties all around the Eagle River area. We have experience converting conventional heating systems to radiant heat, as well as installing systems in new buildings projects. Great for everything from small bathrooms, to tile-floored kitchens to entire homes, we would love to show you the many advantages radiant heat offers. Call today to make an appointment!
Installation of heating system in progress in Eagle River, AK
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